Thursday, November 13, 2014

When the wallflower gets the boy

In movies the never seen wallflowers get those really fame good looking guys.I always thought that could never be real.Lately I notice the attention I get from guys more than before, because one of them told me they all give me attention without me knowing it. That made me feel a little arogant and more importante than other. The reaction to all that was not really bringing me anywhere, nothing changed from one day to another but I start realizing more and more. The girls around me hate it that I get more attention than they get. They have always seen me as a wallflower and a girl that has no chance with boys. That changed a lot in the last half year of school, they hate it to see me with guys. The hate was sure from the beginning I knew that it wouldn't be easy and it gets more difficult but I'm still here. The hate is still growing and lately it got worse.

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