Monday, November 10, 2014


I thought you could never fall for someone you don't really know but you can. And you know what hurts the most?? You will never know who he really is you will always rely on what he writes and tells you. You will trust him more and more and he could one day hurt you so much that you think your life is over and you can not live with that huge pain. He will never know how much he means to you. You are so addicted waiting for him to answer. And the only reason you did all this was because you felt alone in your real life because it hurts but getting hurt by someone you trust so much ist even worse. Everyone keeps telling you there are only pedophiles on the Internet but they never tell you that you will meet a person you fall in love with and it kills you from the inside. This pain will stop one day because the person was never real but it takes time to be so disciplined to not talk to him any more. Around your real friends you never stop talking about him and everytime the question apears: do you like him?  The argument against it is always: why would I, I don't even know him. On the inside you will always know how badly you are in love with him.

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