Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Frozen Hairstyle

So here is my sis again today we are flying on vacation and I made her a Hairstyle from Frozen. I started by doing a French braid and finished with a normal braid I think it got pretty nice.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tris Tatoo Divergent

Youre Divergent Fangirl is back. A Friend of mine told me how to make the tatoo from Tris  -> There it is. First you need to have a picture of the ravens how you like them to be i took the one below. Next you have to trace them and cut them out on the inside (then it has to look like the one below).Now you place it where you want to have it and paint it with a Dark eyeshadow. After that you can take away the paper and paint the dark eyeshadowpainted zones with a Feltip or eyelinerpen (depends on how long you want it to last. I took an eyeliner but both is very dificult because you only see it in the mirror.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Divergent Looks

The Movie in the cinemas now is Divergent , I have also been reading the book some months ago and I really Loved it. I never thought I would ever fangirl around that much like I´m doing it now everytime someone mentiones divergent in a bad context I get arguing with him. The last weeks I used to dress like the factions like in the picture , mostly I dressed dauntless. and once I also dressed like Erudite but i didn´t take a photo

So this is my dauntless outfit , it is pretty uncreative but it mede me identify with Divergent. For everyone who does not know divergent:
1. Read it
2.there are five Factions
3. abnegation (selfless)(grey)
4.erudite (inteligent)(blue)
5. candor (honest)(black and white)
6.amity(kind) (yellow and red)

 Today I made the abnegation bun. Abnegation is teh selfless faction they don´t think of theirselves they always help others. This haistyle I got from the movie.
 The last picture has nothing to do with Divergent but ir reminded me of the nigt where Tris went zipling with the dautless uriah and the others born in dauntless