Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Day

One day I stopped loving you and if you told me now you loved me I don't think I could love you again because the day I stopped loving you made me feel free and I could not again be adicted to you, I would never want that. But you know what I would hate you for being to late with loving me. You know who I would hate the most?  Myself because you were the one I only wanted and then I get the chance to have you and I am to scared to accept my feelings. Sometimes I miss the feeling of the butterflies when I saw you but than I realize that I am not addicted to you anymore and don't need you to be around to be happy.When I loved you I used to fall in a hole of sadness when you where not around. That was the worst of it all because you could not do anything about it. Looking back on it today I had phases where I was really happy and ones where I was really sad and it was difficult for the people around me, my friends to handle it.

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