Wednesday, December 25, 2013

 This is my room, at the moment I really love fairy lights(or however you call them ) so I put them over my bed it looks really pretty I thougt  it would give you some inspiration.
 Here are my presents I got for christmas, in my family we get presents on 24. of december in the evening after going to church. I pretty like the new album by Katy Perry so I asked my parents if I can get it and its a bit boring because I knew most of my presents, but I really like them.
And This are some new shoes I bought because we have an MUN conference here and I needed some shoes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This is now something I just wanted to tell tell you I dont like I saw it at some youtubers channel and she promoted it and said it was really nice so I wanted to buy it and so I went to amazon to buy it and when it finally got here i just tried it and I really hated . For that I needed  it it didn´t help me. It was planned to get away these small hairs which you have when you make a ponytail you know these baby hairs.And it feels like waxy like a candle, but one thing thats good about it , It smells so nice I love the smell , it smells like lavender. and it wasn´t that cheap so..
this is it

Munich, Primark and other stuff

 This is my sweet little sister she had a Halloweenparty at school last week and she wanted me to make her costume and I had no idea what to put her on , so I just looked for something black in her closet and gave her some black tights and cut some holes in it and that was it it looked really nice.
 I have been to Munich again because one of my friends lives there and there opend like 1 week ago an Forever21 and I just wanted to go there and this are the things I bought there ->
The necklace below I also bought at Forever21

 This is the rest I bought in Munich .The pants are from New Yorker, the sweater is from Tally Weijl
ant the white thing is an bandeau top from Brandy meleville and than I bought from maybeline the new baby lips lipcare and some nail hardener
And here comes the best thing I ever bought I is like a thing where you put
your shoes in and then push it under your bed. I bought it on saturday at Primark
and I only bougt it because my dad told me to throw some shoes of mine away and I didn´t
want to obviously .
and than I bought a dragonfruit at the market in rotterdam
it tasted really nice

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

school and other stuff

My school started some weeks ago now Iam on vacation again This is my best friends hair I made it in class. The first one is bun made with 2 fishbone braids.The other one is an easy fishbone braid. Since learned how to make  it the only hairstyles I make are with fishbone braids.

Now I´am preparing for Halloween I am going to make a party with my friends. I also got an costume it is a mix between black swan, ballerina and Fallen Angel.The decoration for the party is also almost finished. I made the candles and i liked to make my  nails like the ones in the photo but I can´t make the splashes with the red nail polish.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


 this is Frankfurt Ihave been there to make the DELE exam its an exam for spanish between the 2 parts of the exam (written and spoken I have been to the city and the malls are really modern and really nice design ↓this is one part of an really big mall

 this is the skyline of Frankfurt →
←this is a party at the Main the river wich flows through Frankfurt

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

first day of holiday and Berlin

 The first  day of holiday we have been to the Movie Park Germany .
I was there with my entire family :). I liked it very much

This is Hollywood  Boulevard there were all the Restaurants

This is a hauntet house with heads and thing like this

This is the other part of the factory there is a restaurant in it 

This is the part with the water in the park there were some Jetskis and water chutes

This is a rollercoaster in the part called Nickland

This is Scrat from Ice Age, this was in an Ice cave 

 This is Berlin after the Movie Park we went a week to the baltic sea and after this we passed some days in Berlin

This is the subway station next to the KaDeWe


This is the Opera house in Berlin

Television Tower 

Iám going to post some mor from my vacation when I get my other camera with the photos because my dad took my camera home and i am at my friends house

Friday, June 21, 2013

This rose I got for the play I played in
 it is called 13 reasons why
 we got it from the book with the same name

This is my summeroutfit the top I got from H&M
and the shorts from the Sting

 this are some more smothies i love that it is getting warm now

Today we went to an restaurant with my entire class the restaurant was pretty nice , it was at the beach
This is the outfit I wore today
The Tshirt I got from esprit
and the jeans from New Yorker

Sunday, June 16, 2013

 I have been to munich again because of my school I had to work there for a week .I went to a model agency and I lived at my aunt house, they have a very modern house i love it and I made some smothies. on Monday we are going to sell smoothies to donate the money we get

 yesterday I went shopping and ist getting warm slowly :)

This is Munich I worked at the other side of the river