Tuesday, July 23, 2013

first day of holiday and Berlin

 The first  day of holiday we have been to the Movie Park Germany .
I was there with my entire family :). I liked it very much

This is Hollywood  Boulevard there were all the Restaurants

This is a hauntet house with heads and thing like this

This is the other part of the factory there is a restaurant in it 

This is the part with the water in the park there were some Jetskis and water chutes

This is a rollercoaster in the part called Nickland

This is Scrat from Ice Age, this was in an Ice cave 

 This is Berlin after the Movie Park we went a week to the baltic sea and after this we passed some days in Berlin

This is the subway station next to the KaDeWe


This is the Opera house in Berlin

Television Tower 

Iám going to post some mor from my vacation when I get my other camera with the photos because my dad took my camera home and i am at my friends house

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