Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Munich, Primark and other stuff

 This is my sweet little sister she had a Halloweenparty at school last week and she wanted me to make her costume and I had no idea what to put her on , so I just looked for something black in her closet and gave her some black tights and cut some holes in it and that was it it looked really nice.
 I have been to Munich again because one of my friends lives there and there opend like 1 week ago an Forever21 and I just wanted to go there and this are the things I bought there ->
The necklace below I also bought at Forever21

 This is the rest I bought in Munich .The pants are from New Yorker, the sweater is from Tally Weijl
ant the white thing is an bandeau top from Brandy meleville and than I bought from maybeline the new baby lips lipcare and some nail hardener
And here comes the best thing I ever bought I is like a thing where you put
your shoes in and then push it under your bed. I bought it on saturday at Primark
and I only bougt it because my dad told me to throw some shoes of mine away and I didn´t
want to obviously .
and than I bought a dragonfruit at the market in rotterdam
it tasted really nice

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